Promoting Wellness Through Our Animal Assisted Education

The Blue Moose Animal Therapy Center is pleased to announce the

Canine Learning Pawds Program!!

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Canine Learning Pawds Program:

  • Once weekly 4-week program that has a different educational objective each week
    (All educational curriculum based on Kenai Peninsula School District and Alaska State Learning Standards)
  • Each 2hr. session includes the weekly educational focus lesson, some dog care/handling education, and some social time with the dogs participating in the Canine Learning Pawds Program
    Students must sign up for all four weeks of the program ($127.20) payments may be made per session ($31.80)
  • Pawds availability:
    The Learning Pawds program will be offered every Thursday from February through April 2021 to complete the 20/21 school year, with a summer schedule being set beginning in June 2021.
  • Pawds are offered at two different times:
    AM session: 09:30-11:30am
    PM session: 1:00-3:00pm. 
  • Group rates/discounts are available for groups of 15 and over, and alternate days/times can be arranged if needed.

Our facility set-up allows us to socially distance the kids and allow them some great learning and social time with our Canine Learning Companions in a safe, supervised, and fun environment!! Working with our colleagues at KPBSD to make sure our educational lessons are on par for all our kids, we are excited to help kids connect, socialize, and engage with some amazing new furry friends. Help us pioneer our new and innovative learning opportunity here at our Center!
Call us for more information about how your child can join in on the fun!!

Please call Ellen at (907) 262-8245 for more details and information regarding limited scholarship opportunities

Animal Assisted Activities

Strengthening the human-animal bond can help a wide array of people. Having a safe space where dogs and people can interact and learn from one another is what sets our Healing Hearts & Paws program apart from other programs. Dogs and their owners get the benefit of socialization with other dogs and people, and clients in our program get the benefits of unconditional dog love, attention and exercise to help them gain balance in their lives.
Our programs seem to be especially helpful to those dealing with Anxiety/Depression, PTSD, and/or traumatic events. Simply being around the dogs in our care can have a calming effect, lowering blood pressure, reducing anxiety and heart rate, and helping to create a safe environment in which to heal.
We provide both individual and/or group animal assisted activities that are tailored to the needs of each client and/or group. Walking, petting, brushing, or simply just being with the dogs to help with anxiety can all be part of an individualized program. For more information on setting up a program with us, please contact us to set up a consultation for help getting started on the path to a healthier you!


Animal Assisted Education

“Happiness is a warm puppy” ~Charles Schultz~

What if kids missed the opportunity to experience this happiness because they didn’t have any dogs available to them? What if they were afraid of dogs and had no way to work through that issue? What if kids had the opportunity to learn and interact with dogs of all different shapes, sizes, energy levels, and abilities? What if the kids could teach the dogs and the dogs could teach the kids?!

Welcome to Canine Care Camp

at The Blue Moose Animal Therapy Center!!

Kids have the opportunity as a class to come to our Center and learn about caring for dogs in our unique environment. Our camp helps kids learn what is involved in the daily care of dogs at our Center, while meeting a variety of Alaska State Educational Standards applicable to their grade level. Math is much better with dogs, and who doesn’t want to read a book about Charlie the dog to Charlie the dog?!?! (Charlie did….over and
over again!!!)

Our partnership with our school district has given us the opportunity to create programs that help keep kids active and engaged while meeting their personalized learning goals. We work with teachers to set attainable goals and objectives for each session, and camps can range from one visit to multiple visits throughout the school year.

Please contact us for more information about setting up a Canine Care Camp specifically designed for your class.

Our Canine Care Camp is just one example of the programs and partnerships that we are continually developing within our community. Thanks to the willingness of our Bed & Biscuit parents, the dogs staying with us in our Center can be placed into our educational programs if they meet the necessary requirements. Healthier People, Healthier Pets, Healthier Communities is truly the goal of our team at the Blue Moose!!

Community Partners